Repair Prices

Here are some common repairs and labor costs below.



Flat Tire Repairs

$12 labor + tube

We can generally repair a flat tire in 10-15 minutes if we’re not slammed and not the last 30 min. of our work day.  We replace tubes; we don’t patch them but do sell patches and tubes over the counter if you’d like to save some $$. Our DIY bike repair station outside the Center and in 5 other campus locations (See the MSU Green Transportation Map for those locations) has/have everything you need to change a tube and much more.


Brake Adjustments

$16 + parts

If your brakes aren’t working very well during dry weather they’ll be very dangerous when it gets wet. Get them adjusted sooner than later!  Some brake problems are very simple to fix and our staff will let you know and take care of it on the spot for a minimum $5 quick service charge (parts extra).


Shift Adjustments

$16 + parts

If your bike doesn’t shift through your gears like it used to we can get them working right again.  Some shifting problems are very simple to fix and our staff will let you know and take care of it on the spot for a minimum $5 quick service charge (parts extra).


Replace a Chain/ Freewheel/ Cassette

$10 + parts

If your bike has sat for a long time outside and the chain has seized up or you’ve just put a lot of miles on your bike and it’s skipping when you’re putting power to your pedals then you most likely need a new chain and possibly your freewheel or cassette (the gears on the rear wheel; labor for installing a new freewheel or cassette is an addtl. $10 + the cost of the new freewheel or cassette which run between $15-35).


Assemble a boxed-bike (or box your bike for shipping)

$65 (Single-speed/ fixie bikes), $85 (Multi-geared bikes) - $135 (Pro-grade road, Tri-TT bikes)

We'll properly assemble your bike (new or used) so that you can ride your bike knowing it won't let you down or require another trip to a bike shop.  Only charged to customers and boxed bikes brought in or shipped to us. This service incl. with new bikes special ordered from us.  We offer boxing services for $50-90 depending on the type of bike (box and packing materials not included - foam pipe insulation recommended available at local home-supply stores).


Basic Tune-Up

$85 + any needed parts

Regular maintenance will keep your bike running smoothly. The tune-up is perfect for bikes that have been well used or not used for a long time. Includes basic wheel truing, chain lubricating the drive train, tire inflation, general safety check, minor cleaning and adjustments (where applicable/ possible) of:

  • hubs
  • headset
  • crankset/ bottom bracket (if applicable)
  • brakes
  • shifting system

New Bike Safety Check Over

$50 + any needed parts

If you bought your bike online in a box and assembled yourself or from a big-box store and want to make sure your bike is safe to ride, this service is for you.



DIY Repair Stations

Want to fix it yourself but don't have the tools? Our do-it-yourself bike repair stations are free, available 24 hours a day, and are equipped with a stand, basic tools, and a tire pump. There are multiple stations on campus, including one right outside our shop. See the MSU Green Transportation Map locations.