Frequently Asked Questions




Do I need to make an appointment?


No appointment is necessary. Just bring your bike or wheelchair/ mobility device* any time during our normal business for a free time and price estimate. If it is something simple, we may be able to do the repair while you wait. Otherwise you will leave the bike with us until we are able to complete to the repair. We will text and email you when it is finished and you won't pay until you pick up. 



Where can I park?


Thankfully we've got the best bike parking available right outside our shop and bikes are always welcome inside so please bring it on in when you visit.  Unfortunately we don't have a very convenient parking for motor vehicles, so if you do come by motor vehicle the Bessey Hall loading dock area (on the west-facing side of the building) can be used for up to 10 minutes for quick drop-offs and pick-ups. Anything over 10 minutes is a violation of the MSU Ordinance.  Again, only the loading zone area may be used (don't block the dock or dumpster); other parking spaces within the lot cannot be used.  For longer visits the closest visitor parking meters are in the parking area on the loop in front of the Administration Building and on the east side of Erickson Hall.  More information about visitor car parking on campus is here.  Call us at 517-432-3400 if you're confused or need more help.  Much more location information on this page.



Where are you located?


We are located in the old canoe shelter on the north river trail 300 feet north-west of the Farm Lane Bridge.  Our only entrance faces the river and cannot be accessed from inside Bessey Hall.

Here is a link to our Center on Google maps.

Our Center is fully-accessible with a ramp on the east side of our entrance; we recommend visiting our Center via the river trail from the west as there is a steep hill to the east from Farm Ln. which unfortunately is not currently ADA compliant.

GPS Coordinates:
Latitude: 42°43’40.55″ N
Longitude: 84°28’43.32″ W



Can I bring my bike in?


Yes, we are a bike friendly bike shop. There is a ramp to the left of our door and an external button you can press for opening our door hands-free. See you and your bike soon!



Can you fix my flat?


Absolutely! A new tube costs $8 and the labor for the install in $12. After tax it comes out to $20.48. No appointment is necessary and we can typically fix your flat in around 10 minutes while you wait. During the install we will inspect your tire and rim to attempt to identify what caused your flat in order to help keep you on the road longer.



Do you take donations?


Yes, we accept donated bikes or bike related accessories in any condition. Just bring'em on in!



Can I permit my bike here?


We do not issue permits but you can do it for free online here:

  • Go online to the MSU Department of Public Safety site:

  • Log in with your MSU Net ID and password
  • Click Bicycle Permit
  • Submit address information where you will receive mail for the next few weeks
    • The permit is a sticker that will be mailed to you at this address
  • Input your bicycle information into the corresponding fields
    • Make: the brand of the bike (i.e. Schwinn)
    • Model: the “name” of the bike (i.e. Mesarunner)
    • Color
    • Serial Number: most often this is found stamped on the underside of the bike. Flip the bike upside down and look in the area on the frame between the crank arms. Alternative places for the serial number can be on the frame where the rear wheel attaches, or on the frame near where the fork goes into the frame.

Notes: Put your permit sticker on the part of the bike frame that your seat is attached to; closer to the top is best. The permits do expire, so make sure you renew it when it expires.



 Do you only work on students' bikes?


Though MSU students do make up the largest portion of our customer base, we offer our services to any person in the community!