Rental Information

Frequently Asked Questions:


How long can I rent for?

We offer rental periods ranging from day all the way to year. Semester rentals are also very popular. Look below for rates.

What is your deposit policy?

Rentals less than a week require a $200 hold on a card. Rentals for longer than a week require a payment of $300 that will be refunded to you when the bike is returned in good condition. Deposits can be paid in cash or card but we can only refund on card. When purchasing a rental online, the deposit will be listed as "Shipping." Sorry for the confusion.

Is insurance offered (in case of theft)?

Sorry, MSU Bikes does not offer insurance for our bike rentals. Please check with your home owners or renter’s insurance company to see if they might cover your bike in your policy. 

What is included with my rental?

Rentals include a U-Lock and optional helmet. All basic maintenance is also included during your rental period. This includes flat fixes, new brake pads and brake and shift adjusts.  Repairs related to crash damage is not included and will be charged or deducted from the deposit.

What happens if I lose the keys to my lock?

We do not have spare keys for our rental locks.  You'll need to contact MSU Parking to have the lock cut off (if on campus) and pay for a new lock. If the bike is locked up off campus you'll have to contact a locksmith to have it cut off.

Do I need to permit my rental?

Nope! All rentals are already permitted through our shop.

Can I reserve a bike before I get to campus?

Absolutely! When students return in the fall we quickly run out of available rentals. To ensure that you or your student has a bike available, we make pre-renting available starting August 1st. Simply rent a bike for the desired amount of time through this site. In the notes section, please list your student's name if applicable, their approximate height, and the date you expect to pick it up.

Do you accommodate after hours drop offs/pick ups?

Yes! We do!  Read more here.


Please read our MSU Bikes' Rental Agreement for additional information.



Security Deposit $300 (refundable with the return of the bike in good condition to our shop). 
Note: Some deluxe rental bikes (like fat bikes) require a higher deposit due to their higher value.

Same Day $25
Weekend $40
Week $60
Monthly $100
Semester $150
Academic Year (2 semesters) $250
Calendar Year $300

* Basic maintenance and general wear and tear items (tires, tubes, brake pads) are included during the lease period. Repairs for damage due to accidents or neglect are not included and will be charged at our normal service rates. Missing or stolen parts will result in partial loss of the deposit. Stolen bikes or those not returned will result in the complete loss of the deposit.

Every rental customer agrees to and consents to MSU Bikes' Rental Agreement when purchasing one of our rental services.