Rental - premium bike - day


Rent a fat-tire bike for the weekend, take it out and see what you think of fat-tire riding and handling before buying one! The bike you can ride is also for sale! Check it out here for more photos and details/ specs:

Premium rentals require a higher deposit, so if you're renting this online make sure you choose the higher deposit when checking out. If you accidentally choose the lower deposit amount we'll charge you the difference when you come to get the bike.

Addtl. Notes re: Rental Services

*Every rental customer agrees to and consents to MSU Bikes' Rental Agreement when purchasing one of our rental services.

*A U-lock and basic maintenance is included with rental bikes. 
*Discount codes do NOT apply to rental services.

*A refundable deposit of $750 is required with fat tire bike rentals;
it is required to check out when paying online (shows up as a shipping charge). It can be paid in cash or as a hold on a credit card (for rentals 1 week or less).  Sorry: Holds are only available for in person transactions; holds are NOT available for online transactions.

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