JC Higgins Special Deluxe 50's cruiser, Grey, 18in,

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Color: Grey & reddish/orange

Size: 18in frame, 26 in. wheels

Unrestored original survivor, JC Higgins was a brand of Sears Roebuck back in the day. 

This sweet old original cruiser has spent most of its life at MSU as you can see from the '64-'65 MSU bike registration on the fender. It rides very nicely for an original condition classic. Appears everything is original except for one of the tires (which is also quite old but not the original Sears tire like the other).

Here's a short video taken while riding it along the MSU river trail:

More photos can be viewed here:  https://lansing.craigslist.org/bid/d/east-lansing-jc-higgins-special-deluxe/7156262428.html

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