Other services to encourage bicycling @ MSU

MSU Bikes provides a variety of services to encourage bicycling at MSU: bike rentals (short to long term), a full-menu of repairs, secure bike parking, lockers & showers, commuter route coaching and more.

The Brake Room
The Brake Room - grafitiAre you a student and want to learn how to repair or maintain your bike for free? Learn to work on your own bike in our fully-equipped workshop, the first bike repair workshop on campus for MSU Bikes. You’ll learn how to repair your bike from our experienced staff, who work for MSU. The Brake Room is also a place to just come and hangout with other people who share a passion for sustainable non-motorized transportation!  More info. here.

Currently only our secure bike parking is available to sign-up for online.  Go here for more information about this service.

Go here to learn more about our other bike commuter services such as lockers & showers and commuter route coaching.